The Shift: with Marianne Schnall explores the changing paradigms in our society through revealing, in-depth conversation with leading thinkers, creators, spiritual teachers, artists and activists.

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  • ShiftMakers with Marianne Schnall: Arianna Huffington on Nurturing Our Mental Health Media trailblazer, bestselling author, and CEO of Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington is committed to changing the way we work and live in order to reduce stress and improve well-being. She sits with Marianne Schnall to discuss micro steps toward thriving, how to keep returning to your center of peace and wisdom, and what it means to nurture your mental health.

  • ShiftMakers with Marianne Schnall: Face Your Fear Our host, Marianne Schnall, dives into some of her deepest interviews with Stacey Abrams, Jane Fonda, Amy Poehler, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Anita Hill, Maya Angelou and more to see how these leaders called upon their courage to tackle the unknown during uncertain times.

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    The Shift: Dr. Jane Goodall: Marianne Schnall interviews world-renowned primatologist and trailblazer Dr. Jane Goodall as she reflects on 60 years of groundbreaking research, as well as her ongoing work, and shares her wisdom and insights on the pandemic, the planet, women’s progress, her legacy, and much more.

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    The Shift: Jane Fonda: Marianne Schnall interviews actress and activist Jane Fonda about the power of activism and the causes she is passionate about, including creating awareness and action around climate change, fighting for the essential workers on the frontlines of the pandemic, using this moment to build a more equitable, sustainable world, and much more.

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    The Shift: Dolly Parton: Marianne Schnall interviews Dolly Parton about the power of love, being true to yourself and much more in our first video.

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